Just Between Friends|Scene #01 Free Porn Photos

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It's been some time since best friends Brooke Wylde and Pristine Edge got together for some girl talk. With great company and great drinks|they discuss how boring Brooke's sex life has become. With her husband Aaron Wilcox always tied up at work and never putting out|Brooke decides to take a massage course to spice up their love life.

Brooke shows Pristine different massage techniques that always lead to sex|making Pristine intrigued by Brooke's massive boobs. She politely asks to touch them from pure curiosity if they are real or fake. Brooke allows her friend to touch her boobs|proving that they are all real and all spectacular|leading the two friends to caress one another's perky nipples and wet pussies.

They sexually arouse each other|sharing kisses|Pristine fingering her friends pussy. They get interrupted with the sound of Aaron walking in the door. Pretending like nothing happened|they conjure up a perfect plan that will not only continue what they started but include Aaron's huge cock in a passionate|cum swapping threesome! Brooke Wylde, Pristine Edge, Aaron Wilcoxxx