Sharing The Bed: Part Four|Scene #01 Free Porn Photos

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Girlsway's Exciting Lesbian Love Story|Sharing The Bed|Continues with this pivotal fourth chapter:

Dani welcomes Shyla into the bedroom where she has yet another lesbian lesson to teach the ripe young Christian lady. Shyla follows suit|knowing that the girl she loves Sasha approves of Dani's Techniques|unaware of what has been happening to Sasha with her family.

Dani kisses Shyla again in the doorway to her bedroom|promising her to show her how to be versatile in her lesbian relationship. As Shyla begins to explore Dani's soft body|Dani asks her to take charge|telling her what she would do to Sasha if she were there with her. Shyla inhibited by her newfound lesbian comfort chooses to fuck the theoretical lover all over the room|in many positions and in many versatile ways. Dani tells her that none of these fantasies are wrong|and that the answer to the next step has just presented itself through her fantasies.

Dani and Shyla test out each of these spaces|taking time to enact Shyla's deepest lesbian desires without any form of seduction. Shyla has begun to flourish under our very eyes|and Dani certainly can tell|having experienced all the different ways Shyla would fuck the girl she loves.

Finally on the bed|Dani asks how Shyla feels being in control|Shyla appreciates having just simply fucked|no seduction|no butterflies|just pure uninhibited lesbian passion. Dani tells Shyla that she wants her to show exactly how she would make love to Sasha|right there on the bed. Dani gives over control|relinquishing all her ability|and allowing Shyla to take control of not only her sexual hunger but her lesbian desires.

Dani demands that Shyla call her Sasha|and show her exactly what she wants. Shyla chooses to have her cake and eat it too|by forming a 69 with Sasha's sexual surrogate. Shyla realizes that she doesn't have any anxieties from this form of therapy. The morning later|the unsuspecting sexual surrogate finds the cute new lesbian eating her out as she wakes. Alarmed|Dani goes with it|but raises a new question. Will Shyla be able to control her intense lesbian hunger? And what's Sasha going to think when they meet up for the second time? Dani Daniels, Shyla Jennings